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Birthday Experience

 For my birthday this year, Ian made a booking at Suhring, a German-inspired Michelin 2 star restaurant for a dining experience.

Loi Krathong

 Loi Krathong roughly means to float a ritual lamp.  In reality a krathong is small bunch of leaves and flowers with a candle and incense.  They are meant to include small offerings of coins or food to the river spirits, but people also include their hair or fingernail clippings to symbolize letting go of past transgressions or negative thoughts. The "Orchid Lady" creating some krathongs Some krathongs More elaborate krathongs Usually, there are big festivals around Thailand for Loi Krathong, but COVID has, of course, limited that. Though, there wasn't a festival in Nichada Thani this year, we decided to support some local vendors and purchase some krathongs and do our own little ceremony at the lake.