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 American culture is truly pervasive around the world and Halloween is no exception.  Due to COVID, the crowds were not quite what we experienced in Alice Springs, but still very popular.  The town decorates and our little "village" is a popular spot for trick or treating.  

Life in Nichada

 Thought I'd share a few photos from daily life in and around Nichada. Our House Getting around Our flash ride (the black one) Just the local Starbucks This where I bought my broom Shopping  There is a WIDE variety products available (there's even some Costco products available). Local Market Stalls The Ice Cream Man Durian Fruit (smells GROSS)


 Until we are able to travel internationally again, we are taking the time we have to explore Thailand.  We used one of the long weekends from school to visit another beach town, Rayong.  Due to lockdowns we weren't able to really explore much outside the resort, but we enjoyed the time away. The resort was beautiful and we look forward to having an opportunity to go back and explore the area more.