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Back to School (again and again)

The boys have had at least three first days for this school year.  Braden and Gavin started 6th grade at Bradshaw and Jamie started 8th grade at St. Philips College in Alice Springs in February.  We left Alice at the end of the first semester and after the summer in Virginia, we hightailed here to Thailand for the start of the school year in mid-August.  Only for Thailand to face another wave of COVID forcing lockdowns and restrictions.  So, their second first day of 6th and 8th was virtual.  This week the Nonthaburi Province Minister of Education granted the boys school, International School of Bangkok (ISB) permission to open at 50% capacity.  This means they are only allowing some grades on campus at a time.  For us, this means that Braden and Gavin went to school for two days this week (Wednesday/Thursday) and Jamie will go the next two days (Friday/Monday), then Braden and Gavin will take the next two days and so on. So, here are the boys' third first day of school this year. 

International School of Bangkok (ISB)

Due to COVID restrictions, the boys' school has been closed and they've been attending virtually.  Even when they are finally allowed back on campus, parents will not be. To attend school on campus, the boys will do twice weekly rapid Covid tests and wear masks except while eating.   On Tuesday, we were invited as a family to tour the campus.   For us to tour the school, even Ian and I had to do rapid Covid tests.  We had 3 separate tours (Ian and I, Braden and Gavin, and Jamie), so I don't have pictures of what the boys did but I did get some pictures of the school. The facilities at the school are beyond amazing.  We are so grateful that the boys will get to experience this kind of first rate education in a setting that takes this pandemic seriously.   Entrance The ISB Panther at the entrance Turnstiles to check IDs and temperature. IDs won't work, if they haven't submitted  their negative test results. Athletic Fields Baseball Diamond Soccer pitch/Softball Diamon

Weekend Getaway to Hua Hin

We've been in Thailand for just over a month (not counting quarantine), so when the boys had a couple days off school we took advantage.  We arranged for a driver (we still don't have a car) and booked a hotel in the resort town of Hua Hin. Our driver on the way to Hua Hin, Boon, was amazing! He stopped a few times along the way to get us treats (fresh coconut water, pomolos) and pointed out beautiful sites and scenery. Coconut seedlings So many coconuts Refreshing coconut water Pomolo and bananas Peeling pomolo is hard! We arrived at the coast of the Gulf of Thailand after about 3 hours in the car.  Short break to stretch our legs and grab a picture by the water. Our stay at the Marriott was heavenly.  Beautiful resort, outstanding staff.  A few amenities and restaurants were closed, due to Covid restrictions, but we had amazing stay. While we spent most of our time just relaxing at the hotel, we did do a tiny bit of exploring. WAT KHAO TAKIAP We hopped in a ??, I have no idea