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Daily Life

This year started off with a bang, so many activities and events after 3 years of restrictions.  First event of the year was the Booster Club Pancake Breakfast. Pancake Breakfast Checked out Chatachuk Market Spirit Night! We also experienced some pretty unusual Thai weather.  While rain and some flooding is normal, this was extreme by some accounts a 100 year event We even got to go in person for parent teacher conferences and they had a display of a "super hero" project. The kids were asked to pick their super hero trait and write about themselves.  I think they picked the perfect traits.

Back to School 2022

Last year was a new school year in a new country in the middle of a pandemic.  This year was...normal.  Including the very begrudgingly given first day of school photos. So, while Braden and Gavin continue in Middle School (Grade 7), Jamie has moved on to High School (Grade 9). And, I even have a new role, ISB Booster Club President! Wish me luck, trying to resurrect all the activities after more than 3 years.

Family Photo Shoot

 We were so fortunate to have a professional photographer as our neighbor here in Bangkok. It took a couple of tries (the weather didn't cooperate with us), but we managed to get some amazing photos. It was even more fun with friends. The Mougey family, our friends from Kuwait, moved to Bangkok this month and came out with us and got to do a shoot at the same time.

Summer of 22 (Colorado)

 We managed to also spend some time in Colorado to see Ben and numerous friends from our time in Australia. Almost too many photos, we had so much fun!