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Cooking with Poo (and friends)

 Don't let the title scare you, there was no excrement involved! I went to downtown Bangkok with a few friends (Nicole, Christy, and Lindsay) and their daughters to go to a cooking school in the Khlong Toei slum. Saiyuud Diwong (Khun Poo) started her cooking school to bring more income to her family and it has ended up supporting not just her, but has brought income and support to many in her community (she estimates about 100,000 people live in the 1 mile square neighborhood).  Her kitchen/cooking school supports many locals in the market by purchasing all of her food and supplies from the market, having her aprons and gift bags created by vendors, etc. We started our class by walking for about an hour through the Khlong Toei Market.  There are many open air/fresh markets in Thailand, but this one is one of the largest and one of the few open 24 hours.  Depending on what you need will determine how early you need to get there.  I made a tactical error in my choice of footwear.  It

Red Lotus and Orchid Markets

 The Embassy organized a tour to the Red Lotus Floating Market and an Orchid Market.  Much of the markets were shut down due to Covid and haven't reopened, but I enjoyed the day with a few ladies from the community. Miang Kham Bua Luang Fried Lotus Petals with a shrimp ceviche  8 orchid plants for $10 This orchid plant had pink and white orchids on the same stem. The price reflected how special that is.  I did not buy this one. 50000THB $1500USD Orchid This was only about half what our group bought.